Sandra & Stefano
      Meet us

      We are a wedding photographer couple based in Cologne, Germany. We love to document weddings and to tell your story with our images.

      When we met, Stefano was already working fulltime as a wedding photographer for two years. We met by coincidence, Sandra was asked by the mutual friend to shoot their wedding and really liked it. After that, we shot a couple of weddings together and enjoyed it even more, because in a functional team you work much better! We have both travelled a lot and have worked abroad as well. Stefano for example worked at a ski resort next to Mount Doom in New Zealand and on an expedition ship in the Antarctica. Sandra worked in warmer areas. She was a divemaster on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia and a photoshop teacher in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Now, we’re back in Cologne, but still love travelling.. We will travel to photograph you. Whether it is for pleasure or because you are planning your wedding abroad, we will be on board and are looking forward to getting to know new places.


      … loves jumping in the warm ocean with scuba gear, likes the crunch of snow under her shoes in winter and walking around barefoot in the summer. She could eat pasta everyday and loves to have dinner prepared by Stefano, She likes to build furniture and make other items from wood She also prefers second-hand-shops and flea markets over big shops in the city.


      … worked on a expedition ship in the Antarctica and misses the time he lived in his van in New Zealand. He loves to cook for Sandra and watching TV series together. He likes foreign food and extra strong espresso.




      We love to travel and this is our Travelmap. All of this Dots are Destination, at least one of us has travelled to.